Work With Reva


I can help you and your social impact organization influence, collaborate, and thrive.  

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I offer a mix of services, and at the core of each is this belief:

That for solutions to work and changes to last, they have to come from the inside. Inside your community, inside your organization, inside you.

That's why I see myself as a coach and facilitator first -- and a trainer and consultant second. 


Here's how we can work together:

Individual Coaching: This is a powerful way to get nitty-gritty custom support, while mapping out a vision for your personal growth. You bring your challenges, and I help you navigate them. Along the way, you build new skills to coach yourself and others through the often complex and thorny relational dynamics that come up every day in your work for social change. Find out more about individual coaching.

Group Coaching Online: I'll be taking everything I've learned from years of coaching social impact leaders, and offering it in an online group program that will be high impact, and more affordable than individual coaching. This offering is currently under development, and I hope to launch it early 2019. If you think you might be interested, let me know what you’d most like out of a group in this 5 question survey.  

Trainings, Workshops, and More: I offer services that can help transform your organization’s ability to collaborate, navigate breakdowns and leverage the power of diversity. Email me to find out more.  

Group facilitation: I can design and facilitate a process to help you through a challenge with your group. Email me to find out more. 

Don't see anything that fits your needs or budget? Let's talk.