Work With Reva


I help progressive leaders use dialogue to build resilient organizations and unstoppable movements.

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And it all starts with one brave and liberating conversation.

That's the first step to getting unstuck from a culture of burnout, disengagement, or conflict.

It's the first step in building a culture of change. An engaged culture that resonates with learning, resilience, and transformation. 

I'll help you get there. 

Here's how we can work together:

60 minute coaching session: I offer focused 60 minute sessions to help you clarify and build confidence for the gnarly conversations in your life and social justice work. 

6 month package - deep coaching + thought partnership: This individualized 6 month program is a mix of coaching and thought partnership. In this offering, you bring a challenge that's on your horizon, and I help you navigate it. Along the way, you build new skills to coach yourself and others through the often complex and sometimes thorny relational dynamics that are guaranteed to come up every day in your work for social change.  

Diversity training: I offer workshops that build you and your team's diversity competency. Email me to find out more.

Group facilitation: I can design and facilitate a process to help you through a challenge with your group. Email me to find out more. 

Don't see anything that fits your needs or budget? Let's talk. 

Online Learning Labs - Coming in 2018: Online Learning Labs will be part training, part playground, part mindfulness dojo. They are designed to facilitate the kind of learning-by-doing that sparks unique insights, and builds muscle memory for game-changing new skills for dialogue. Subscribe below if you'd like a heads up when this launches.