EP015: Sameena Mustafa Helped Build the Blue Wave

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I talked to Sameena Mustafa -- former candidate for Congress -- a few weeks before the midterm elections. Sameena is a progressive who aimed to unseat centrist Democrat Mike Quigley in the Democratic primary back in March 2018. Her bid was impressive, if ultimately unsuccessful, and shone a light on how out of step Quigley’s voting record has been with his very progressive district.

And in the context of the “Blue Wave” of Democratic victories coming to light since last Tuesday, the big message I take from my conversation with Sameena is this: There’s lots more where that came from.

The victories we are seeing now are the tip of the iceberg, And they are the result of work being done by progressives -- many women of color -- all over the country. And Sameena was one of those women, getting out in front, and insisting on a new direction.

We talked about:

  • The lessons she learned from taking on an establishment-backed candidate

  • How she drew courage from her conversations with voters

  • How her experiences as a Muslim, a woman, and an Indian-American informed her candidacy

  • Her take on the upsides and downsides of progressive and Democratic culture

  • Listen to Sameena’s new radio show, To the Left, here!

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