EP010: Rebecca Aced-Molina on leadership between a rock and a hard place

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This week, a conversation with Rebecca Aced-Molina, an amazing coach and facilitator who is a faculty member with Leadership That Works, a school for coaches who want to be effective in social impact spaces. 

(A heads up! Rebecca will be teaching a 2-day class on the fundamentals of coaching in Oakland on 9/8/18.)

Rebecca shared her journey as someone making her way in the nonprofit space, from her early disillusionment in nonprofits, to finding her unique way of making an impact as a coach.

We talked about:

  • The double-bind: that special way that women, people of color, and people with marginalized identities find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place -- and how to navigate your way out of it.

  • How the expectation to "be a visionary" on top of everything else is just another facet of burnout culture in social change spaces.

  • How being a visionary actually requires us to throw out how others define "visionary". 

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Interview Highlight:

“One of the things that annoys me about this dynamic, is that women have been socialized since Kindergarten to follow the rules, to do what they’ve been asked to do. Girls outperform boys in school across the nation, they get admitted to college more than the guys do, they finish college at greater rates than their male counterparts, and as soon as you start looking at management, they drop off the scales.

“So a lot of my clients are like, ‘I have been playing by the rules, working my ass off… since I started in the professional world, and I’ve gotten praised for multitasking, for being able to develop a positive relationship with a wide variety of people, picking up the slack when other people drop the ball, and that’s how I’ve gotten ahead. And now suddenly, you want me to be a visionary too?!”

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