EP008: Daisy Ozim is Building Resilience and Decolonizing Public Health

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This week, I speak with Daisy Ozim, founder of Resilient Wellness, a nonprofit that builds community-based solutions to address intergenerational trauma.

We talked about:

  • How building resilience as a leader -- especially if you are a woman of color -- means learning not to internalize the negative messages we get when we don’t fit a traditionally white male template of leadership.

  • We also talked about how Daisy has worked to position herself as a thought leader in a sector that often excludes and marginalizes voices like hers.

-- This is the last of 3 episodes focusing on the social justice intersections of public health. -- 

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Interview Highlight:

[36:30] I think my ancestors are really strong. I feel protected. I think that there's always been an energy around me that has been able to guide me and lead me different places and keep me out of certain troubles. I think that's what I was able to rely on.

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