EP001: Brigette Iarrusso - What we do with love and anger

A conversation with Brigette Iarrusso about politics, anger, and love. We talk about her family's experiences since the hurricane in Puerto Rico, being a mom, the lessons she's learned, and her work with social impact leaders. 

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Introducing Brigette Iarrusso

This episode is our first. I interviewed Brigette Iarrusso, who is kind of a social impact dynamo. She once helped build a program that helped indigenous people in Peru hold oil companies accountable. And then she did it in Mexico too. These days she's coaching social impact leaders in the Bay Area and Latin America. Full disclosure: I've been on the receiving end of some of that coaching, and she's really good at what she does. We talked about this thing called activism, and how we fuel and sustain ourselves in the middle of it all. And one question that really gets her fired up is, "what do we do with all this anger? How do we use it, but not let it destroy us?"

Interview Highlights 

[3:00] "I've got a radio, I've got a generator, I've got dominos, and I've got chicken nuggets, and I'm staying with my people, and we're not leaving this island."
[16:10] "I have a choice now, to live my own life differently...To stay with love in the midst of all the injustice. Because I want to be around to see my child turn into a leader. And see her on her own path in this world. And support her in ways my family couldn't support me. Because they didn't have the tools."
[46:33] "...And I was f@!k'n mad! I mean, how dare you throw me out of my special little Montissory G-D school, and I'm a diversity and inclusion expert and you're telling me I'm too this, and I'm too that. But I didn't say any of those things. I sat with the discomfort for a month. And I realized..."

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