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We Are Building a Culture of Change

The progressive movement is having some tough conversations right now. It’s not easy. But it’s good. And it’s about time.

It’s not easy, because we must go beyond the patterns that have gotten us this far, but won’t take us further.

It’s good because if we face this moment with heart and strength, we'll come through stronger than ever. 

It’s about time, because now more than ever, we need a progressive movement that is unstoppable.

Social Change Begins at the Ground Level


A movement is as strong as the relationships that hold it together. 

But differences within social change organizations often turn into cultures of mistrust, disrespect, and burn out.

We can do so much better. We can be stronger. We can be unstoppable.

And we begin with a single, courageous conversation.


”How do we build cultures that power social change?“

Dialogue Lab is creating a community to explore this question.

We won't find the answer by glossing over differences. Nor by hoping things magically get better. And definitely not by treating each other like confederate statues, where the move is the take down. 

We begin to find the answers by having those first tough, honest, and liberating conversations. And then we keep at it, with growing confidence and skill. 

Join us in building a Culture of Change.

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