How do we build cultures that power social change?

Not by glossing over differences. Not by hoping things magically get better. And definitely not by attacking each other. 

We start by having those first tough, honest, and liberating conversations.

And what better place to begin than Facebook? 

Yep, Facebook.

A lot of folks -- maybe including you -- are already trying to use social media as an arena of social change. By taking on the tough topics. By not standing silently by.

And as you know, this is hard stuff. Which is why I started having conversations about all this on Facebook. This guide is the result of those conversations: 

  Book cover: “Talking Politics on Facebook: A guide to having social change conversations that are liberating, make an impact, and won't drive you crazy.”

Because whether we like it or not, Facebook and Twitter are media behemoths that shape our political landscape. And the way progressives engage -- or don't -- has a real impact, IRL. 

I think you know this, which is why you’ve been trying. 

And it's been draining. It’s been a huge time suck. And it doesn't seem to make much difference. 

But there is a better way to do this. Here’s what a few people have had to say about the guide:

— “Wise and useable advice on change-making. Essential.”
— “Inspiring, insightful, calming, helpful.”
— “The examples and modeling here are so vital for us all.”
— “This is BRILLIANT.”
— “These questions are so good for avoiding burnout while staying with the difficult work.”

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This is how we start to build a culture of change.

By having better conversations about things that really matter. By paying attention to what works, and learning and adapting as we go.