Dialogue Lab is about investing in people and relationships in order to make the progressive movement unstoppable. We do it by being fiercely honest and caring with each other, as we navigate differences that -- if ignored -- can stop us in our tracks. 


Dialogue Lab is about helping people on a mission become confident, resilient leaders, and great bosses. 


Burnout culture runs rampant in social change spaces. Burnout culture:

  • Turns the tactics and attitudes of protest inward. We’ve learned the tools of resistance and self-defense, because we had to. And sometimes we use them on each other.

  • Avoids the hard conversations, allowing unhealthy dynamics to drain our resources and drag us down.

  • Uses people up, and spits them back out.

And here we ask, “What would it take to build a culture that propels us forward toward change?” Because when our movement is strong, we feel vibrant and connected -- to each other, and to our shared sense of purpose. We get things done.

So how does it feel to be a part of your community? At Dialogue Lab, we hold this as a crucial metric on the health of any movement.



If you call yourself a progressive, then you know the stakes are high. So it’s no wonder progressive spaces are often emotionally charged. In that environment, it often seems like it’d be easier to go it alone. But we must collaborate.

You can’t take the “social” out of social change. We go further together.

Our raw materials are the people at our sides, the challenges we face, our strengths, courage, curiosity, and hope. Together we build new possibilities.


The times we are in demand we come with fresh eyes. None of us have lived through a moment like this before. There are no experts in Today.

So we put aside our expertise, and become Executive Listeners and Chief Learning Officers. We are guided by our curiosity, our greater purpose, and our willingness to take smart risks.

We are absolutely up for this. In the words of poet Clarissa Pinkola Estes, “We were made for these times.”



Dialogue Lab is a product of dialogue. So is this manifesto. They will both continue to evolve over time.