Coaching for Asian and Middle Eastern-American Women

Live, Lead, & Connect Authentically

There are times when the people we love the most can’t understand the choices we make. That’s true for most everyone.

And it can be especially true when your family comes from one culture — with it’s values and expectations — but you are finding your way in another.

It sometimes feels like you have to make this stark, painful choice: Will you be the person your loved ones hoped you’d be? Or will you live a life alone, but based on who you really are?

And as if that wasn’t hard enough: As a woman of color living and working in the United States, you may also face stereotypes and expectations about who you are, and what you are capable of.

At least, that’s how it often felt for me.

But I’ve learned that those binary choices are a trap.

I help Asian and Middle Eastern American women find greater freedom AND connection in the relationships that matter most to them.

It takes slowing down, and a lot of letting go.

  • Letting go of who they think you should be

  • Of who you think they should be.

  • Then, the hardest part: letting go of who you think you should be.

That’s where your voice grows strong, your eyes clear, and your connections deep.

Live your authentic life, alongside the people and customs you love.

I’d love to hear what life and work is like for you, and to see how I might support you in living, leading, and connecting authentically.

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