Lessons from the Lab is a twice-monthly email based on my conversations with social impact leaders and innovators on the Dialogue Lab podcast.

The leaders I interview are succeeding at making change, and together we unpack what they’ve been doing that’s been working, so it can work for you, too.

Then I pull out the essentials to share in an email to my subscribers -- folks like you, who are out to change the world.

Lessons from the Lab is filled with immediately applicable, imminently usable, highly relevant takeaways for your work on the front lines of social impact. 

It’s the brassiest of the brass tacks. It’s where the rubber meets the road. (Click here for a peak at an email from the Lessons from the Lab series.)


We never know where an interview will go, but here are some of our go-to topics:

+ What makes a successful social impact leader tick? What kinds of challenges and obstacles do they face? How do they lead themselves and others in overcoming them? How do they sustain their work over the long haul?

+ How do we build the power to create lasting change? How do we build our individual power as leaders by investing in ourselves and our relationships? How do we collaborate to build the collective power of our movements?

+ Understanding progressive culture as it is, and as it evolves. How do we build organizational and community cultures that power -- and don’t hinder -- our work? How do we build a culture of change?

+ What emotional, relational, and cultural dynamics lie at the heart of the systems we are trying to shift? Where are they rooted in our lives, and how do they show up in our families, communities, organizations, and society as a whole? How do we learn to see those dynamics, and then start to shift them?

These interviews and emails are part of my commitment to supporting you in being the resilient, effective, high-impact leader you want to be. 

Are you in?