Leadership Development


Explore your options and get targeted support in a free 50-minute consult + strategy session here.


Executive Coaching

Transform the challenging relationships in your life and work. Discover the confidence that arises from greater self awareness. Leave our partnership ready to coach yourself -- and your team -- through the thorny interpersonal dynamics that often come with the territory in your work for social change. 


Coming Soon: Group Coaching

I'll be taking everything I've learned from years of coaching social impact leaders, and offering it in an online group program that will be high impact, and more affordable than individual coaching. If you think you might be interested, let me know what you’d most like out of a group in this 5 question survey.


Workshops & Trainings

Add coaching skills to your organization’s management toolbox with trainings around how to give compassionately candid feedback, lead with empathy, create engaged accountability, and encourage a growth mindset.

Retain a productive workforce by encouraging their wellbeing with sessions on mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and growth mindset.