How I approach podcast interviews


Thank you so much for being a guest on the Dialogue Lab Podcast!

Sometimes guests have wanted to know more of what to expect in an interview. So I have shared my approach to interviewing here.

If you read it (though it’s not required) and it gets you thinking about the kinds of topics you’d like us to discuss, feel free to email them to me, or you can just bring them up yourself on the podcast.

Our Listeners

The audience for the Dialogue Lab podcast are people engaged in social impact.

+ They are leaders of nonprofits and social impact startups, coaches, and consultants.

+ They are public servants, working to improve public health, safety, and education.

+ They are advocates for social justice, fighting for civil rights, human rights, and protecting the environment.

+ They are movement builders: organizing unions, communities, and voters.

+ And they are influencers, building relationships that create change at every level of government and public life: from the grassroots, to the grasstops.

Our Topics

The podcast aims to support our listeners through interviews with leaders who have insights to share on or more of the topics below.

  1. Unpacking the way of being of a successful social impact leader. What makes a successful leader tick? What kinds of challenges and obstacles do they face, how do those challenges feel, and how do they overcome them? How do they lead and support others in overcoming them? And how do they sustain their work over the long haul?

  2. Understanding how we build the power to influence systems and create lasting change. How do we build our power by using our voices, and by building strong relationships and networks? How do we collaborate and lead to build the collective power of our movements?

  3. Understanding progressive culture as it is, how it’s evolving, and what we would like it to become. How do we build organizational and community cultures that power -- and don’t hinder -- our work? How do we build a culture of change?

  4. What emotional, relational, and cultural dynamics lie at the heart of the systems we are trying to shift? Where are they rooted in our personal lives, and how do they show up inside our families, community's organizations, and at the systems level? How do we learn to see those dynamics, and then start to heal them to create shifts in the whole system?

Digging Deeper

In addition to questions on one or more of those topics (depending on the guest), I also ask several other kinds of questions to help us understand more of where the guest is coming from. Again, this will vary depending on the guest, and once things get going we often go “off-script.”

  1. General warm-up questions that will help give the audience some context for the conversation

  2. Questions that help us see what my guest is uniquely capable of seeing (and doing) about human beings and social change

  3. Questions that help us understand the personal journey that led my guest to see what they see. In other words, how who they are informs their work, and how their work informs who they are.

I hope this helps. If you’d like more of a heads up on what I’m planning for the interview, feel free to shoot me an email.