Reva Patwardhan, Founder of Dialogue Lab

We Are Building a Culture of Change

The progressive movement is having some tough conversations right now. It’s not easy. But it’s good. And it’s about time.

It’s not easy, because we must go beyond the patterns that have gotten us this far, but won’t take us further.

It’s good because if we face this moment with heart and strength, we'll come through stronger than ever. 

It’s about time, because now more than ever, we need a progressive movement that is unstoppable.

— Reva Patwardhan, Founder of Dialogue Lab

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Lessons from the Lab are road-tested tips pulled from my conversations with social impact leaders and innovators on the Dialogue Lab podcast, and emailed to you every-other-week.

The folks I interview are succeeding at making change, and together we unpack what they’ve been doing that’s been working, so it can work for you, too. 

These emails are filled with the immediately applicable, imminently usable, highly relevant takeaways for your work on the front lines of social impact.

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