A 6 Month Group Coaching Program for Women of Asian and Middle Eastern Descent

Cultivate your innate resourcefulness, so you can engage powerfully and wholeheartedly in your life and work, without burning out.

Photo credit:  Image by  Couleur  from  Pixabay .

Photo credit: Image by Couleur from Pixabay.

Discover Your Abundant Resourcefulness

That resourcefulness is easy to forget, in a world that feels perpetually overwhelmed, full of inequality, and where so many are fighting for scraps. And in our lives as women of Asian or Middle Eastern descent — which sometimes means never being done, always doing for others, not quite belonging, and never feeling we’ve earned our right to rest.

This group coaching circle will be a rich space for you to connect with your heart, your abundance, and resilience. The resourcefulness that is there for you to nourish yourself, give and receive support among your fellow travelers, probe the big/scary/exciting possibilities, and cultivate your innate capacity for strength and joy.

You will get individualized support in setting goals that capture your vision for your life. And in 6 months, you will make lasting, concrete changes to build resourcefulness and power in service of your vision.

You will feel resilient, powerful, and grounded as you walk your path. You will have the confidence and clarity to shape your work in ways that are more fulfilling, and higher impact. And you will show up in a more open, empowered, and effective way in the professional and personal relationships that matter most to you.

Reva was a guiding light during a time of uncertainty and transition in my career. She helped me navigate particular organizational changes and taught me how to embrace my managerial and leadership role in a way that felt authentic for me as an AAPI woman. In our sessions, I felt understood and fully met, as well as a sense of relief and clarity about how to approach specific challenges and situations. She truly helped me figure out my passions, learn more about my strengths, and feel clear and confident in the choices I made. She’s an outstanding coach, and I enthusiastically recommend her!
— Courtney Chappell, Advocacy Director, Legal Voice

Your Cohort Will Be…

…a group of 6-8 women like you who are making big things happen in their lives and in the world. A well-run group can set the stage for some powerful learning and growth. In my experience, groups gives individual coaching a serious run for its money. In our group, we will:

  • Get individualized support for visioning and goal setting

  • Be each other’s cheering sections and accountability partners

  • Meet once-a-month in person for a half-day of experiential learning, practice, reflection, and connection in the hills of Oakland, CA

  • Have monthly group video calls

  • Create peer support relationships

  • Monthly one-on-one coaching: As part of this group, you will schedule a monthly coaching call with Reva to help you clarify your goals, deepen your learning, and conquer challenges

Our Curriculum

We will draw from a mix of tools and practices based in psychology, the social sciences, eastern and western philosophy, improv, somatic practices drawn from Aikido and Qigong, and more. We will learn and practice:

  • Methods for deepening our self-care and managing our energy, so we can show up fully and vibrantly in our lives and work

  • The empowering art and practice of self-coaching, to get unstuck from counterproductive patterns like impostor syndrome, procrastination, and over-accommodating others

  • How to live and lead with greater clarity and confidence by connecting to and honing our instincts

  • Skills to build authentic and collaborative relationships in life and work through emotional intelligence, boundary setting, and difficult conversations

  • Tools to recognize and liberate ourselves from the marginalizing cultural messages we internalize about who we are


The fee for this 6 month program is $3600. That includes the monthly half day sessions, group video calls, the one-on-one coaching sessions, the peer coaching, as well as resources, practices, and assignments that will guide you outside of the group work.

Want to ask your employer to sponsor you? Share this pdf outlining how they can benefit.

Sound Interesting?

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