I‘m Reva Patwardhan, founder of Dialogue Lab.


I am thrilled to work everyday with smart, purpose-driven leaders who are ready to dig deep and challenge themselves.

With my help, they do two big things:

1) They cultivate their innate resourcefulness, so they can engage powerfully and wholeheartedly in their lives and work, without burning out.

2) And they develop the diverse, happy, and productive teams they need to take on the world’s great challenges.

I am passionate about helping these leaders get unstuck, rise to the occasion, and learn to coach themselves through whatever life throws at them. And we begin with a single, liberating conversation.

About Reva

Reva Patwardhan is the founder of Dialogue Lab. Reva has 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector as a fundraiser, communications director, lobbyist, board member, facilitator, coach and diversity trainer. 

For her individual and small group coaching clients, Reva holds space for deeply courageous and liberating inquiry, so her clients can live and lead with confidence, clarity and purpose. While she works with all genders and ethnicities, she specializes in supporting women of Asian and Middle Eastern descent. 

Reva co-facilitates small groups with the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She serves on the Board of Directors at Rethink Media, and Cross Cultural Communications, Inc. She is also a coach with Leaderspring, LEAP (Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics), and Aletheia: A School of Integral Unfoldment. She is a certified Integral Coach. Through her work at Dialogue Lab, she is building a vision for leadership that is collaborative, life-affirming and world-changing.

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