I‘m Reva Patwardhan. I‘m the founder of Dialogue Lab.


I believe that a movement is as strong as the relationships that hold it together. 

But social change organizations often operate under a lot of stress. And that can make it very hard to raise your voice above the noise -- much less connect, influence, and collaborate.  

And I've seen how our differences can turn into cultures of mistrust, disrespect, and burn out. 

It doesn't have to be like that for you, or your organization. You can be unstoppable. You can thrive. 

And it can begin with a single, liberating conversation.

About Reva

Reva Patwardhan is the founder of Dialogue Lab, which helps social impact leaders and organizations influence, collaborate, and thrive. 

She does that by helping leaders learn to embrace the tough, liberating conversations that power social change from the ground up. And she helps them build stronger and more effective collaborative relationships based on mutual and collective learning. 

She has 20 years of broad experience in the nonprofit sector. She has been a coach, fundraiser, communications director, lobbyist, board member, and diversity trainer. Through her work at Dialogue Lab -- as well as her first company, Greater Good Coaching -- she is building a vision for collaborative leadership that is life-affirming and world-changing.

Reva co-facilitates small groups with the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She serves on the Board of Directors at Rethink Media. She is also a coach with Leaderspring, and is a faculty coach at Aletheia: A School of Integral Unfoldment.

Connect with Reva on social media. (She's most active on Facebook and LinkedIn.)