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I help social impact leaders and organizations develop the diverse, happy, and productive teams they need to take on our world’s great challenges.  

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— Reva Patwardhan, Founder of Dialogue Lab


Executive Coaching & Leadership Training

Become the boss everyone wishes they had, and the organization everyone wants to work for. Invest your people in learning and collaborating, so you can leave office politics behind and focus on what matters most.


Diversity & Inclusion

Build a talented and diverse workforce. Cultivate a culture of trust and belonging, rather than a culture of burnout. Build your team’s dialogue skills so you can grow through conflict — rather than falling apart.


Asian & Middle Eastern-American Women

Live and Lead your way. It’s not always easy to honor your family and heritage, while charting your unique course. The reward — an authentic life, lived alongside the people and customs you love — is worth it.

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