Reva Patwardhan, Founder of Dialogue Lab

Reva Patwardhan, Founder of Dialogue Lab

The Power to Move Hearts, Minds, & Feet

I help social impact leaders and organizations influence, collaborate, and thrive, to make their biggest impact. 

+ Build the clarity, confidence, and resilience you need to be a strong advocate -- for yourself, and your cause 

+ Create resilient relationships and collaborative cultures to banish burnout culture, and grease the wheels of your revolution

+ Seek and leverage the wisdom of diverse perspectives

+ Speak and listen for hard truths in ways that build -- rather than burn -- bridges

Get Your Antidote to Burnout Culture

Every other Tuesday, I'll send you coaching tools to thrive as you make your impact. These are powerful insights and tools on topics like self-care, boundaries, diversity, mindfulness, authentic leadership, influence, empowerment, and collaboration. 

Each edition of Antidote is based on what's helped me, and what I've seen working for my coaching clients. And it could help you and your cause thrive too.

You in?