Reva Patwardhan, Founder of Dialogue Lab

Reva Patwardhan, Founder of Dialogue Lab

The Power to Move Hearts, Minds, & Feet

I help social impact leaders and organizations influence, collaborate, and thrive. 

+ Build the clarity, confidence, and resilience you need to be a strong advocate -- for yourself, and your cause 

+ Create resilient relationships and collaborative cultures to grease the wheels of your revolution

+ Seek and leverage the wisdom of diverse perspectives

+ Speak and listen for hard truths in ways that build -- rather than burn -- bridges

Thrive as You Make Your Impact

Lessons from the Lab is an every other week email inspired by the interviews I do on the Dialogue Lab podcast.

It builds on each podcast episode with added insights, resources, and journaling prompts -- just like I do for my clients. And I often go deeper on a topic in writing than on the podcast.

And you don't even have to listen to the podcast to benefit from the emails.

I cover topics like self-care, creativity, diversity, innovation, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, authentic leadership, collaboration, and more.

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